Monday, September 26, 2016

Motifs #30-36

 I made this bracelet for my mother for Mother's Day this year. It's made with size 70 cotton vintage thread using a design by Shannhob I purchased on Etsy.

Below is a pansy from a Priscilla book from the 1910s era. The thread is size 40 cotton Lizbeth in the center and middle (purple colors) and the cream on the edge is a glossy polyester.  Made it into a pin.

Left, I came up with the design for this bracelet myself, size 20 Lizbeth in rootbeer and ecru with glass beads painted gold.  The rings overlap and weave together.  Gift for my niece's birthday.

Below right is another birthday gift for a 1st grade niece--so the pattern is more simple and so teensy! and cutie cute.

My grandma made the white motif 20 plus years ago and Fox sent me the burgundy motif recently.  (below left) I loved that they were they same pattern!  It looked familiar but I couldn't place it.

Fox told me it was from the Blomqvist/Persson book, and so I made my own (right) in a multi size 40 Lizbeth.  

Last entry for this blog post--Gold Dust size 40 from yarnplayer on Etsy, pattern from Tatted Animals by Inga Madsen.

Giraffes made for gifts (as usual lol) to use as bookmarks. 

Next time, friends!


  1. So many things! Love the three motifs from B &P and the pansy is gorgeous!

  2. All of your bracelets are awesome!!! :)
    I truly love that pansy flower!!!!!!! :)
    Your multi color motif is as beautiful as the two solid ones!!! :)
    And that giraffe is magnificent!!!! :)

  3. I love your bracelets! I've been tempted to try the pansy pattern, but I get bogged down by color choices. I LOVE your giraffes!

  4. Thanks, ladies. One thing about tatting that I LOVE is feeling the ties to the past so the Blomqvist/Persson motifs are really special. And I am in love with that giraffe.

  5. I am impressed with all of your items and love the adorable giraffe, but I'm quite intrigued with the interwoven bracelet! Is it difficult to do?

  6. It's not too hard, Kathy. It is "fiddly" as they say keeping all the threads and shuttles in place. But not technically difficult.

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