Thursday, March 20, 2014

Three new motifs (11, 12, 13) AND teacup update

OK, first things first:
Not too shabby!  On the left, the original teacup; on the right, a test of a new design to make it larger and add my own touch, and the bottom center is my attempt to enact the prototype in the final colors.  "Real" cup (the white/pink/blue one) was rippling outward instead of curving upward, so I cut off the colored round and will try again.  I still think it will work.  Quite pleased with myself, and I got to go patronize my favorite local shop again, Heindselman's in downtown Provo.  

 Here on the left, we have a shamrock pattern I was trying out, and on the right, my adaptation of it to add a bead to the stem and have the stem end tatted in and not knotted at the end and cut off as I usually see them.  I hoped to make them into earrings, but time got away from me and I didn't get the next generation with decorative beads and picots made before St Patrick's Day.  These are made in size 40 Christmas Green and Christmas Green variegated in Lizbeth thread.

 And finally, below, my own tribute to Renulek's spring napkin/doily, which is intended as a pendant.  This is size 80 Lizbeth.

Update 3/22:  sold the pendant!  Woot!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Isn't this cute?  I made this from a vintage pattern I bought on Etsy.  My mom collects teacups, and I thought a cup and saucer set for Mother's Day, tatted by Yours Truly, great gift, right?
It's absolutely darling!  The pattern describes it as "A dainty little cup and saucer to use for favors or as a little something for a shut-in friend."

Notice something I didn't notice?  The repetition of the word "little" is a bit of a clue.  

If you're having a tea party with Barbies, this is the teacup for you.  That's right--those are normal sized shuttles and a soap dish-sized container and your normal tomato pincushion.  

GRAH!  It's cute, but it's not what I had in mind.  At all.  *snort*  I am having a bit of a think and *may* incorporate some Cluny leaves to make it a bit bigger.  I tried them extensively a few weeks ago when Georgia Seitz' online tatting chat/class was working on them, and they are HARD.  But Clunies popped right into my head when I was having my Winnie the Pooh *think* about this cup.  

Mum says, "Is that my Mother's Day present?"  No, Mum, it's the prototype.  Bah.  Sooo irritated.

Still, I'm counting this on my 25 motif challenge and when I rework it, I can count the new one as another motif.
Here's the Ann Orr, finished.  -->
The Anne Orr motif on the left shows the color more accurately.  I am counting this as number 9 and the teacup as number 10 in the challenge.  I have more items to post, but my rant about the cup will have to suffice for today.  :D

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Birthday gift

Quite impressed with my creative success, I keep looking at the photo of the pendant/necklace I made for my sister's birthday.  Shipped it off today and fingers crossed she receives it by Thursday.

This is the same cross from a couple of posts ago with jump rings and neck cord and crystal attached for weight at the bottom.  I haven't worked with the findings before, and I am ever so pleased with the result.  Hence I keep pulling up the picture to preen a bit and pat myself on the back once more.

Here's the picture posted previously before I added the jewelry findings:

I initially made this pattern without the beads, and what I noted is that the beads gave the shape more definition, almost creating a border and guiding the eye in viewing the piece.

I have thought entirely too much about this dollar coin-sized scrap of pretty, so until next time!

I have taken a short lace hiatus--attempted some clunies and very disappointed with the results.  Hope to have SOMETHING completed soon to add to my 25 motif challenge count.