Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Motif 26

Pictures of the same motif based on a design from Anne Orr's collection.  I had to modify the pattern to prevent cupping.

Thread is #10 white crochet cotton with a silver twist in it.

This thread is soft and more consistent than the Aunt Lydia's but the metal twist doesn't "stick" where it belongs.  Aunt Lydia's has the metallic thread wound with the cotton, and the Garden Metallic has it kind of alongside/around the cotton thread.  It is NOT good for tatting as the metallic filament stretches and bunches up when closing rings.  Result-- a lot of breakage of the filament.  I figured out tricks to make it work for me, but I would NOT buy this as a beginner.  Aunt Lydia's metallic would be a better choice.
I really like the daisy in the center of this motif.  There is a daisy-style center to my star in the previous post, and I've chosen a Jon Yusoff snowflake which also has a daisy center to add to this holiday collection.