Friday, January 29, 2016

UFOs tatting only

We all have them, Unfinished Objects.  WIPs- work in progress.  PIGs- project in grocery sack.

My tatting objects:
Starting top left:  Ribbon Christmas tree by Jane Eborall, little black thing is the first bit
of a Celtic doily by Totus Mel that I decided I had to use needles for because I was going
to lose my mind trying to work it with shuttles, Renulek 2015 doily, purple Hearts and Flowers
cross  (Julie Patterson) just needs a tassel, blue cross needs only one ray, Amusement Doily
 almost finished (pattern by Celtess), Star Doily from Workbasket only needs 4 more rows to
 finish last point, then a super easy border,and of course Jane's tat along is the light blue bit up
 there by the cat shuttle.  Ecru doily with yellow rings around the border is from
Doily #13.

Jan Stawasz' giant doily in Polish magazine from 2008.  Just touching it today
made me want to get back to this project.  It is so beautiful!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Motifs 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46


Collection of earrings above were a Halloween present.  I looked at a few patterns and came up with the pumpkin, size 20 Lizbeth.  I think the stems are Leafy Greens.

The snowflake earrings are from Decoromana's snowflake pattern on Etsy.  Done in white size 10 Aunt Lydia's with iridescent twist.  The red ones are in the thread I featured a couple of posts ago, size 10 with a metallic twist, Garden Metallic.

Light blue wreath is Posy from Mary Konoir's book Tatting with Visual Patterns.  It's reversed because I'm left-handed.  Hehe.

This is Nell Angel from the 2015 Palmetto Tatters Guild CD.  I love this!  After making one in straight red, I saw a holly motif in the center.  I used a short piece of red thread, encapsulating it to make the center berry.  The red is the size 10 Garden Metallic and the green is Lizbeth 167.

My husband commissioned me to make a collection of five angels for his boss's Christmas present.  Four of them are new to me, so counting 4 of them in my motif count.  If I counted ALL the tatting I've done this year and not just new to me motifs, I would have gone well over 50, perhaps 75.  Wow.  I tat entirely too much, and I'm not going to stop!

Below left, Donata Jones Angel in an Hour.  Pattern not available at large.  I asked her personally for it.  Below left is Lenore English's Dimpled Ring Angel.  Rather than all the shoelace tricks (SLT) I used 2 shuttles.  Collection entirely white size 20 Lizbeth.

Left to right, Gladys Angel by Sharren Sarver Morgan (2012 Palmetto CD),
Recumbent Angel by Donata Jones, Dimpled Ring Angel
by Lenore English, Angel in an Hour by Donata Jones,
Ice Angel by Anitra Stone (also on 2015 Palmetto CD).

Displayed in beautiful light up box my husband made.
He also made the angel statue for them another year for their gift.
There are a few more things I made in 2015, but I'm counting everything after 12/15/15 in the new year as I joined a Facebook 25 motif challenge too and that's where they are starting their count.  I may count mine differently this year, counting everything just to keep track and see how much of my time I truly spend on this beautiful art!

2015 Motifs/doily #33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39

I'm counting this Round Doily from Russian free website as part of 2015 motifs.  I finished on my August trip but just sewed in the ends and photographed last night.  I made this as part of a tat-along challenge.  As with all things I've tried from that website, they don't work out perfectly.  You'll notice I missed a join on round 2 and the doily lies better for the overlap of the rings there.  I am part of a tat-along group again this year that has 2 more motifs from that site, and I'm not super looking forward to it--fiddly and messy but pretty patterns.
 In September I started with the snowflakes and angels.  Here are some closeups of snowflakes. Small white one at left is from Lindsay Rogers' book Tatting Collage.  The blue ones and gold one are from Lene Bjorn's book of snowflakes.  Soooo many snowflakes!  The little gold one is made of Sunlight size 60 color Oro from Edda Guastalla's shop.

The blue variegate pictured on its own (below left) is Master size 30 turchese also from Edda's shop.

The white/blue snowflake is from Joelle Paulson's blog, Le Flocon Frivole, near bottom of page linked above.  Made of size 20 Lizbeth Blue Ice.  This is a super fiddly tat until you get used to how it works.  I love Joelle's snowflakes.  She models them after photographs of real snowflakes.

The small flower shaped flakes at right are from Jennifer Williams' snowflake book.  Made of Range Multicolor also from Edda's shop, glass beads.  Wish the picture showed how beautiful this thread is!

I donated 8 snowflakes to our school for their fundraising auction.  The majority of the rest I made were for an order of blue and white, Frozen theme, a total of 8 pictured below.  I feel like I'm such a slow tatter, but that's a lot of snowflakes!!!!!

The Frozen themed order.  Silver and white
flakes with the distinct center ring are also
from Jennifer Williams' book.
I'm getting super frustrated with blogger.  The pictures won't go where I want them to!  I'll start over with another post--finish up 2015 once and for all.  :)