Sunday, June 14, 2015

More motifs--I've been too busy to blog! Motif 13, 14, 15,16, 17

I finished this gorgeous Valentine doily from Land of Laces blog!

This is such a sweet piece!  The hearts in the center are repeated on the edge.  Tip:  Don't make 6 like I did.  Make only 5 in the center.  On rounds 4 and 5, don't be discouraged by rippling because it will all work out once you've finished both rows.  I have used size 20 Lizbeth for this doily.

 These cute earrings are made from a motif on Anne Brunvold's blog.  It is not in the English pattern section.  Go to the main blog and use the translate feature on Chrome.  I made several of these in different colors using Sulky Blendables, a new thread to me which I LOVE.  About 6 yards is required for 2 earrings.

I especially like the short repeat on the thread--perfect for jewelry!
This peach motif I made from a Russian website.  I apologize--I didn't record the site!

Pictured here:  Left, Mystery Doily from Craftree, Center top and right top, motif from Japanese book (pictured below) and center bottom and right bottom, heart motif from Lyn Morton's book (pictured below).
All these threads are size 40 Lizbeth except the purple one, which is size 20 Twirlz.  I like the tweed effect of the Twirlz, but it is hard to see the stitches while working it and you lose stitch definition when complete as well.

As always, I am not counting multiples of same motif in my count.