Monday, November 7, 2016

Motifs 37-42

I was busy busy with my tatting over the summer.  My son was staying with his aunt and I spent a lot of time over at her house with my shuttles and thread while visiting him.

Here's another motif from my grandma (left) and my almost-the-same copy from the Blomqvist/Persson book.  It was interesting to study Grandma's motif and note that she didn't sew her ends in, just tied and snipped them very close.  These pieces of hers are at least 21 years old (she passed 21 years ago) and the knots are starting to work open. Her  tatting is so pretty and I hope I don't lose the pieces but I'm reluctant to add glue, etc., so I'll just take good care of them.

I made two doilies this summer--pretty incredible actually!
I made this Jan Stawasz doily with size 10 ecru Lizbeth and size 10 Artiste in Water Lily.

The left shuttle is a Starlit shuttle from Handy Hands, and the one on the right is made by Veronika in Europe, purchased from her etsy store.  You can see it pretty much holds as much as the Starlit and is a bit shorter and nicer to use but it did have incredibly tight points.  I am hoping if I use it with size 20 on my next project I will enjoy it more.  So pleased with it though!!!!

Completed Jan Stawasz doily, given as a gift.

Linda Davis Coronet Doily
Lizbeth thread size 40
 This Linda Davies doily really pops in two colors.  I don't think the pattern really shows to advantage done in one color.  This is something I've also found true in the new snowflakes I've made this year. I'll add another post for those.

Also have  done some work on my Stawasz Masterpiece/Monster doily from the Robotki magazine 8/07.  It is so lovely in person and I would love to finish it in the next six months.

 These are Nancy Tracy's Cupcake II pattern from the be-stitched blog.  My niece requested one for her daughter as a commemorative Christmas ornament.  The purple/pink one is hers.  These are all size 40 Lizbeth.  By the third one, I was pretty good at it!

At this rate, I'm definitely going to hit the 25 challenge twice this year!  Woot!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Motifs #30-36

 I made this bracelet for my mother for Mother's Day this year. It's made with size 70 cotton vintage thread using a design by Shannhob I purchased on Etsy.

Below is a pansy from a Priscilla book from the 1910s era. The thread is size 40 cotton Lizbeth in the center and middle (purple colors) and the cream on the edge is a glossy polyester.  Made it into a pin.

Left, I came up with the design for this bracelet myself, size 20 Lizbeth in rootbeer and ecru with glass beads painted gold.  The rings overlap and weave together.  Gift for my niece's birthday.

Below right is another birthday gift for a 1st grade niece--so the pattern is more simple and so teensy! and cutie cute.

My grandma made the white motif 20 plus years ago and Fox sent me the burgundy motif recently.  (below left) I loved that they were they same pattern!  It looked familiar but I couldn't place it.

Fox told me it was from the Blomqvist/Persson book, and so I made my own (right) in a multi size 40 Lizbeth.  

Last entry for this blog post--Gold Dust size 40 from yarnplayer on Etsy, pattern from Tatted Animals by Inga Madsen.

Giraffes made for gifts (as usual lol) to use as bookmarks. 

Next time, friends!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Motifs #25 through 29

More catching up to do!

I made this pendant for my sister's birthday back in April, my design adapted from a sample in the American Civil War Museum, with glass beads in honey and Lizbeth size 40 thread in Coral Splash and Sunkist Coral.

You may remember my trip last summer and the collar, which I have on an old blog post --->

I started work on my own collar but still not complete! Always stopping to make presents.

Below, set of coasters, Blossom Medallions in DMC size 8 perle cotton, pattern courtesy of Gloria Nelson this spring.

New motifs, no posts forever!!! Numbers 7-24

It's been a crazy strange year.  So no posts for months here.  :(  I do frequent YOUR tatting blogs but my motivation for doing anything constructive is at an all time low.  

This pretty pink snowflake is from the end of last year, from Jennifer Williams' book.  Made from Edda Guastalla's Master thread size 30 color rosso.  Glass czech beads.  I love this pattern and made several silver/multi color ones.

 The pattern at right and lower left is Unfolding Heart by Marilee Rockley, purchased from her Etsy shop (yarnplayer). Size 20 Lizbeth dark purple and purple Twirlz.  My first attempt was less than successful but I was happy with the second try and made a wedding card with it.

Below is doily #13 from The thread is DMC perle cotton size 8. About 6 inches.  Given as a wedding present.  The patterns at this site are notoriously hard to follow but the end result (attempt #2) is very satisfying.
At left, pattern AnnaMarie by Alenalea Rako, available on her etsy shop.  White one in size 20 Lizbeth and pink is vintage size 70.  I have two partially done pieces in this pattern, making a book mark.  I'll show it off when complete.

Earrings at right from Edda Guastalla's pattern Poyel angel. Thread is viola Master thread from her website, contrast dark purple size 20 Lizbeth, gold plated earwires and crystal beads.
Cross from Rita Weiss Traditional Tatting Patterns, thread is size 70 Coats and Clarks vintage, gifted to me.   I made a second one with longer side arms to be more in proportion with a crucifix, not pictured.

Shamrocks (5 of them in March) from Marilee Rockley's free pattern on her website, HDT size 40 Celery from yarnplayer (Marilee) on Etsy. Delica beads.  This is one of my favorite colorways.  

Stunning mauve earrings based on design by Edda Guastalla, Minuetto. Cyclamen thread from Italy (Edda's shop) and Lizbeth 636. Crystal beads and glass pearl.  These are just stunning!  I had to mess with them a bit to get them to work for me and I'm absurdly proud of them.  

At right, trying out the double square from Edda's blog. Made with rame and bronze Range thread from her store. It's like 3-1/2 inches long so maybe a big LARGE for an earring?

What a lovely bookmark gifted to my sister for her birthday along with earrings based on the short arms.   I think I counted this last year without the tassel so won't count it again.

Below:  Earrings before ear wires attached, 2 pairs of leaves in Marilee Rockley/yarnplayer hand dyed thread, Delica beads. Adapted from a cross pattern by Elaine P Gan, available for purchase at Craftsy.

 And finally, me wearing my TotusMel pendant from the center of her Gothic Doily pattern available at her Etsy store (totusmel).  The pattern is designed for needle tatting and has Celtic weaving so you will need to use needles or get some Celtic shuttles.  This is in size 60 Sunlight thread from Edda's shop.  And that catches me up to March!  :D

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Avoiding tatting gaposis (with left-handed pix only)

Here’s a nice little trick—snug up your rings and chains to avoid small gaps.  The picture of the doily I’m making has noticeable (though very small) spaces between the rings, but I’ve got a couple of tricks to minimize that space.

On ring #2 of your set, wrap the thread as usual but OVER ring 1 as pictured at left. Make that first stitch, and you will see that stitch overlaps ring 1 just a touch (at right).  

With 3 stitches complete, that first stitch still overlaps the prior ring just a teeny bit.
 After you've finished all your stitches for the ring, secure the ends of the ring before pulling closed, as pictured at left and right.  Pinch firmly and pull closed.

Tip: I add a second half of double stitch just before I close each ring.  It helps them to lie flat and not pull under.  Learned from Joelle Paulson.

Finish ring grouping as per your pattern.  There are three rings in my grouping.  
Now, to minimize gaposis with the chains, fold the ring grouping toward you as below:

Begin your chain, making sure your first stitch is as snug as possible.  
When you've done maybe 3 stitches, fold up your already completed chain and check the spacing/gap.

So these are my tips!  Hope you have success with them!  Happy tatting.  (Pattern by Iris Niebach)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2016 Challenge Numbers 1 through 6

 Christmas presents for my sister and her daughter.  Rose is tatted in Master 30 color rossa, silver glass beads, silver bail on a ribbon necklace (purchased).  The earrings are from Edda Guastalla's Poyel pattern available on her Etsy shop.  Thread is Range Multicolor and aqua is Altin Balsak polyester.  Gold plated wires and crystal beads.

 This is the Poyel angel from the same pattern as the aqua earrings.  Master thread in turchese.

 Two versions of the Flowery Crinoline Angel, designed by Erin Hollway Moseley, available on the 2015 Palmetto Tatters CD.  Left:  size 20 Lizbeth thread.  Right:  Master thread in rosso, modified skirt with an extra row of the crinoline and no roses.

Pendant design Ewa M, Sunlight size 60 rame/black, crystal drop and satin ribbon necklace.