Saturday, November 28, 2015

Catching up (motifs 21, 22, 23, 24)

Two beautiful crosses from Elaine P. Gan's book.  Instructions well written and great diagrams.  I highly recommend.  Thread on left cross is multicolor Range thread from Edda Guastalla's web store. Thread on left is size 40 Celery hand dyed by Marilee Rockley at her yarnplayer shop on Etsy.

This little edging is my own schematic--It's made continuously with split rings. Thinking about using it on a blouse with a boring neckline, but haven't gotten to it yet.  I do love it but it's a lot of work with the splits--makes my hands cramp up.
I started this vintage, out of print edging on the train from Utah to Sacramento.  Not the best 16 hour trip I've ever spent!  It's super fiddly but oh, so pretty.  This is done in Penny thread in Royal, size 30 I think, also from Edda's shop.

I bought the pattern from an Etsy shop.  I'm sure it's available somewhere for free.  I was thinking of it as another possibility for the boring neckline.

I have a bead/thread zapper that cleanly melts the ends so it doesn't ravel, as this thread is super slick, shiny polyester.  It is very durable and beautiful in jewelry, and I got a good bit of it in different colors, but it makes me cuss while I use it, so I haven't made any larger projects from it.  It's so lovely but it unwinds while using it--no friction.  The rings are hard to keep closed as well.  Something worth trying to master again, but not at this time.


  1. Looks like a beautiful job with the crosses and your little hearts edging is very fun and you will have to sell or post that pattern love it! I agree with you on the weird thread it is a bugger but beautiful :)

  2. Great crosses, I love the shape of the left one

  3. The crosses are beautiful! The royal blue is gorgeous! I would love to know about your zapper for melting thread ends.

  4. Thanks, all! I'll address pattern and the zapper next post--promise it will be soon.

  5. Wonderful crosses!!! :)
    Fabulous edging!!! :)
    Beautiful blue tatting!! :)