Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thread Zapper and MORE MOTIFS! #25, 26, 27

So here's the thread zapper:

Thread Zap II by the BeadSmith

I leave the battery loosened when not in use.  It's fantastic for using on polyester thread.  I've been using it a lot lately working with my gorgeous metallic threads for tree ornaments.

New favorite Lizbeth thread size 40 Rainbow Taffy
Pattern is from Kersti Anear's blog.

Classic edgings in Lizbeth size 20, colors 696 and 655. Gifts for my aunts on our Virginia trip this summer.

Virginia was amazing.  Look at the collar I found at the Museum of the Confederacy.  The women smuggled these North to sell because there was no money in the South.

This tatted collar is single shuttle, rings only.  Very cool to see it in person!
Still more tatting--this is only up to August--to catch up on.  I hope to do more blogging tonight.


  1. Love this post and I love that zapper I will have to get one I melt threads with match and on the stove for ribbons too! My favorite is the collar love historical stuff! and tatting that makes its way through time. I also have the same butterfly hankies but have not got round to tatting them :) and of course love the pattern and colors of the book mark too!

  2. What does the thread zapper do? I googled it but it says it melts/burns the thread? Is this instead of sewing in the ends? do you like it? I might have to ask for one for Christmas!

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  4. I sew in the thread ends but I use the thread zapper instead of scissors ONLY ON POLYESTER THREAD OR METALLIC--sometimes in tricky spots it just gives that much extra security rather than glue.

    Thanks for all the comments!

  5. Wonderful edgings and very beautiful rainbow taffy flowers!!! :)