Monday, November 7, 2016

Motifs 37-42

I was busy busy with my tatting over the summer.  My son was staying with his aunt and I spent a lot of time over at her house with my shuttles and thread while visiting him.

Here's another motif from my grandma (left) and my almost-the-same copy from the Blomqvist/Persson book.  It was interesting to study Grandma's motif and note that she didn't sew her ends in, just tied and snipped them very close.  These pieces of hers are at least 21 years old (she passed 21 years ago) and the knots are starting to work open. Her  tatting is so pretty and I hope I don't lose the pieces but I'm reluctant to add glue, etc., so I'll just take good care of them.

I made two doilies this summer--pretty incredible actually!
I made this Jan Stawasz doily with size 10 ecru Lizbeth and size 10 Artiste in Water Lily.

The left shuttle is a Starlit shuttle from Handy Hands, and the one on the right is made by Veronika in Europe, purchased from her etsy store.  You can see it pretty much holds as much as the Starlit and is a bit shorter and nicer to use but it did have incredibly tight points.  I am hoping if I use it with size 20 on my next project I will enjoy it more.  So pleased with it though!!!!

Completed Jan Stawasz doily, given as a gift.

Linda Davis Coronet Doily
Lizbeth thread size 40
 This Linda Davies doily really pops in two colors.  I don't think the pattern really shows to advantage done in one color.  This is something I've also found true in the new snowflakes I've made this year. I'll add another post for those.

Also have  done some work on my Stawasz Masterpiece/Monster doily from the Robotki magazine 8/07.  It is so lovely in person and I would love to finish it in the next six months.

 These are Nancy Tracy's Cupcake II pattern from the be-stitched blog.  My niece requested one for her daughter as a commemorative Christmas ornament.  The purple/pink one is hers.  These are all size 40 Lizbeth.  By the third one, I was pretty good at it!

At this rate, I'm definitely going to hit the 25 challenge twice this year!  Woot!