Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lazy blogger, busy tatter (motifs 14 and 15)

Hi to my tatting friends!  I spend my evenings scouring your blogs to see if there's anything new to look at.  So -- maybe I ought to help out and give YOU something to look at too, although I don't think my work is quite up to level of what I see out there in tat-land!

Yay me!  I finished one languishing WIP that has been sitting around for a year.  It's a design by Patricia Rizzo and I have trouble with her patterns, got sick of working on it, etc.  I used the shoe lace trick to swap colors before I knew what it was exactly, and I was not an expert at it.  A year later, finishing the final round, I note that my technique is much improved.

The color is odd on this picture.  Phone camera, whatcha gonna do?  In size 10 Lizbeth, it's ecru and I think purple splendor but not sure.

I finished it for the sake of doing so, but I have no idea what do with it now.

Below is the Tudor rose by Rosemarie Peel.

Rosemarie's version
My version