Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Progress on the Robotke pattern by Jan Stawasz, new motifs (#6)

I am about 1/4 of the way around on Round 8, and I'm loving the look of the wide piece of lace created when R6, 7, and 8 are all done!  It amazes me that I made something so beautiful.

I borrowed Fox's idea of putting beads on top and bottom of the clover rings.  Mine are clear.  I started out with green ones, but they were of poor quality and bled onto my lace.  ANGRY!  Chop chop.

Tiny little ball of thread, size 70, Oren Bayan I got from Tatting Corner

Earrings I made with the Oren Bayan and silver Mill Hill beads.  The motif is taken from a larger piece in my Jan Stawasz book.


  1. Gracious doily! I am touched by your words. That you are zmazed you made something so beautiful. You did!

  2. Thanks, Tally. Brings me so much pleasure.

  3. Your doily looks wonderful!!! :)
    And the earrings look great!!! :)

  4. Your doily is looking beautiful! I need to do a little adjusting... more later!

  5. Thumbs up, Diane! I need to finish that round! I took a LOOOONG break.

  6. Your earrings are similar to a motif in the Patti Duff book - Minitats
    Beautiful tatting!!!


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