Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tatting blahs! and more completed motifs (7, 8, 9,10)

UFOs: Jane E's TIAS scissors, Jan Stawasz's Robotki doily, Renulek's 2015 Spring doily, Renulek's 2014 Summer doily, and Land of Laces' Heart doily tat along.
I've made very little progress on the Jan doily since my last posting Jan 21.  I made some hearts etc in the meantime, but still...

Renulek started a new tat along doily, pictured above in green/ecru/apricot.  I haven't finished that round because the long chains are driving me nuts!  I am so tempted to cut the 4th round off and start it over, but I won't let myself, and thus, stalemate.

Pink variegated doily is Renulek's Summer 2014, and I am at a standstill after 9 months of having it folded in a drawer because I cannot find beads to match the ones I ran out of, and I want to look a bit more before cutting the crown row off and doing it over again.

Finally, pink and white is from the Land of Laces blog tat along, and so pretty!  The pink section is a single, very complex round.  Fun to tat.  The outer round has become monotonous--nearly done though.

The hubs was out of town for 4 days, so I tatted tons on the Renulek 2015 and the Land of Laces, alternating until I found myself....

How could this happen?  I am flabbergasted!

I broke up the monotony of those 2 doilies with this:

from Yarnplayer's blog, a Celtic knot shamrock adapted from Ruth Perry's pattern.  I was super stuck at how to do the knot, having never done one before, but my tat friend LeQuita pointed me to a video demonstration and voila!
You will never meet someone more stubborn than I regarding doing my projects without tying knots and weaving in ends whenever possible.  I made the shamrock in one pass, starting at the little ring on the stem where my paperclip is hanging, then working all the way around to make the leaves in a single pass.  Size 8 perle cotton.  

This one was for practice while I wait for my green beads to arrive from Fire Mountain Gems.  Can't use the ones I got at JoAnn's as they randomly bleed on the thread.  

Cute red mitten in size 40 Lizbeth is from Nancy Tracy's bookmark publication, Tat's Where I Stopped.  I have made 2 and intend them for tree ornaments.

Such fabulous ideas in her book!

I have made hearts for Valentine's exchange as well though I'm late sending mine out.  Heart O' Daisies from Teri Dusenbury's book and Old Fashioned Heart design by Etha Schuette.  The daisy hearts are size 20 in white Lizbeth and size 10 Red Lizbeth.  The others are pink size 20 and red size 40.  I loved that pink so much that I made the Land of Laces doily center with it.  It's just beautiful!  Doily picture shows the color better.  I had to mess with lighting and such to get the hearts picture right--red tatting does not photograph well for some reason.  I have noticed this on other ladies' blogs and facebook pictures as well.

I am counting 2 hearts and the shamrock as motifs--not counting duplicates of the same motif.


  1. My goodness, you've accomplished a lot! Now I feel like a real slacker! I get the tatting blahs too. I guess that's why I have crocheted scarves and button flowers close at hand. A little bit of crochet, and I'm ready to tat again!

    1. You are not a slacker!!!!! I think the idea of moving around is a good one. I was eyeing some yarn in my closet this morning. It might be time to knit my vest...

  2. Wow ! Quantity (number & size, both) And Quality :-)) Very inspiring.

    I'm Currently on a tatting Blah, too. And over the simplest of patterns ! What a waste of time that can be :-(
    Hope you are back to tatting again :-))

    1. Thank you Muskaan! I hope your tatting blahs are over soon. I'm going to try doing a bit of knitting and some smaller tatted motifs to break mine up.

  3. I think you may have an over-dose of tatting! It isn't unusual to want to do a variety of things. If you put it aside for a while, it will come back to you. I know it will come back -- you tat too well for it not to!

    1. You're right, the only remedy for me was to do some smaller items and take a break! There's no rush, right?

  4. Wow I can't believe all the tatting you have done and don't know where to begin but you tat so very well and the hearts are very nice and perfect, I did not do as well this year with mine. Your doilies are wonderful and I am struggling with JS it just so big I feel it will make me sick of tatting too. I had to stop and do something else. I am sorry I have not been to your blog in a while I was confused how to join this for long time it confused me so this will not be a problem any more. Just don't give up tatting yet :) t

  5. Madtatter, I understand about joining blogs! It's ok, just come by when you can.

    Jan's projects are so beautiful but SOOO time consuming. We just keep whittling at it, and it will be complete in time. No race to the finish line!

  6. Wow! So many doilies in the same time! I have only one and have no time to change one row!
    I think it will be better, if you wait few days - I will make better version of 4+5row, because now I see it's too small and it make that 3row dosn't look good.

  7. Hi, thanks for visiting! Super excited for the new rows, LandofLaces!