Monday, January 5, 2015

New year! 2015 Motifs 1, 2, 3 and 4

Featherline Snowflake, Jon Yusoff designer
This was tatted in size 20 white Lizbeth, from Jon Yusoff's blog.  It was a fiddly tat, but I'm glad I stuck with it.  Nice result, hanging on my new shelf DH built and gave me for Christmas.

Could be that the fiddly-ness was my own fault for doing it "my way" instead of following Jon's directions, but I was determined not to cut and tie. Success--made it all in one go!

I made this cute little doll (which has a treasure box in the bottom--opens across the belt to reveal hidden goodies) for my niece for Christmas.  We put some bracelets in the compartment, and my brother said she squealed when she opened it, so I guess I "done good" this time.

The kimono has tatted flowers  on it, tatted in size 80 Lizbeth Vineyard.

For some reason the spot right in front of the microwave was the only spot in the house I could get good light and get a clear picture of her.  haha

Jewelry box doll, crocheted from etsy pattern
I am going to count Chura's doll as a motif, because I came up with the adaptation for her cherry blossom flower myself.  :D  Super fun.  I hope when I get more experienced, I will be able to design things more often.

Pretty sure I executed Heart of Texas by Teresa Woods in one pass as well.  Sometimes this stubborn desire results in fiddly-ness, as I mentioned above, and I'm not sure happy with the cleft of the heart on final round, but I'll probably do it again to get it right, because OCD.  Completed in Lizbeth red size 40.

Teri Dusenbury's Forever Young pineapple doily
Please check out Teri's blog.  She has posted her lifetime's work on it, so generous!  Here's the link to Forever Young.

Used size 40 Lizbeth in purple marble.  I'm not entirely pleased with my result--I think the range of variegation detracts from the pattern, and the doily ended up very small, only about 6 inches across.  In addition, my own execution flaws made it super ripply.  I had to modify the final two rounds to get a semi-flat result.  Upon re-do, I would likely use a solid color to best show the pineapple design as well as a larger size thread to shoot for 8-10 inches in diameter.  I also have some stitch count variations in mind if I would have the same rippling problem.  

All the same, it's a lovely little piece and I would definitely try other of her pineapple pieces, which I think are primarily butterflies.  I also have Doretha Albee's Pineapple Heaven in the huge list of "stuff I want to tat."  :D


  1. I had to smile about your making the snowflake fiddly because you didn't want to cut and tie. I read once, "Tatters HATE ends!" Oh yes, it is true. We will go to extraordinary means to avoid them.
    Love your work! You have really been productive.

  2. Thanks, Stringy Dogs. Isn't it the truth? We hate ends, all right! No really good way to handle them.

  3. Nice motifs :-) Whatever the fiddledysticks, you came out with some Perfect pieces, Grace !
    But I do agree about the colourway in the doily. Maybe variegation in lighter shades would've worked?

  4. Very nice snowflake!! :)
    Beautiful heart!! :)
    Lovely doily!! :)

  5. Thanks for commenting! Yes, I think lighter/closer variegation or a solid would work MUCH better.

  6. Very nice! So much work...
    You doily looks pretty, the patterns seems very interesting.