Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Thanks to Sue Manger!

This is an unusual blogging day for me.  You've had 2 tatting posts and now I have even more to say!

Sue Manger, a friend I have made through internet tatting groups, sent me a package as a thank you for the picture tutorial for Renulek's doily.  Totally unexpected!

A bracelet she made with "hand made" on the little hand charm.

Win!  Purple is my color, girl, and it fits my fluffy body!

 A La Cossette shuttle.  Omgosh, I was SOOO thrilled.  Sue, this is beyond generous!  They are a bit pricey and so pretty.

A spool of pretty glittery blue thread.
 And last but not least, some hand dyed lace yarn for knitting.  Oh, it's so smooth and soft! I can't wait to try it!  I don't knit much right now, but I have been wanting to try knitting lace for a long time, so it will be used and loved.  Thank you, Sue!


  1. You deserve it!!!
    Thanks for the posts with pics on making the doily! It is helping me go on. XXX

    1. You are welcome, Marja. Truly, seeing you and the others progress on your doily is my paycheck for doing this blog. :) XOXOXO