Thursday, June 12, 2014

Renulek Summer Napkin 2014: Round 7: BEGIN AND FINISH

Isn't Round 7 of Renulek's Summer Doily  gorgeous?  So lacy and pretty.  Renulek said this is one of her signature motifs to include in her work.  I'm excited to show you how to complete it.

NOTES:  (Please review all instructions for round before beginning.)

For Round 7 you can use a single shuttle and ball thread if tatting in a single color if you like.  I used two shuttles because I am using two colors--and I prefer two shuttles.  I like the weight of the second shuttle hanging from the back of my hand.  It creates additional tension.

Instruction key:
The - represents a decorative picot, and the ^ represents a very small joining picot.  If you blow up the picture, you will be able to see the difference in picot sizes.  If you see +, that will mean joining picot.

I am left handed, so keep in mind that your pattern may be traveling the opposite direction around the doily.  On close up photos for technique, you will need to flip-flop them mentally and envision the mirror image if you are right handed.

Completed Round 6 
To begin:  
R 2-2-2-2^2-2-2-2 (pictures 1 and 2)
Add second thread for the chains (pictures 3 and 4)

 Pic 1                                                          Pic 2                                                      Pic 3

 Picture 4 (left)

Tatting over tails:
Chain 6^7

It appears I have reversed work to complete the chain.

 Now attach to FRONT of doily at any picot on the edge.

Ch 7^6

(See above)

 Join to very small picot on the side of your original ring with a lock join.  (above)

Chain 6.  (above left)
Flip work to back of doily. (above right)

 R 2-2-2-2^2-2-2-2 (below left)
Reverse work (below right)
We are now looking at the front of the work again.

Ch 6  (above left)
RW (above right)

R 2-2-2-2^2-2-2-2  (left)

Reverse work (right)

Chain 6.
Join at very small picot, as seen at left.

Chain 7 (right)

Join to doily, ch 7.

 Ch 7^6 (above left)
Lock join to very small picot on the ring.  (above center and right)

 You've done a full repeat of the motif!  Not so bad once you get it attached to the second doily picot and can see where you are going with it.

Full stitch count for Round 7:

R 2-2-2-2^2-2-2-2
Ch 6^7+ (join to front of doily) 7^6
Lock join to ring.
**Ch 6  Turn work to back.
R 2-2-2-2^2-2-2-2 RW
Ch 6 RW
R 2-2-2-2^2-2-2-2  RW
Ch 6+7+ (join to doily) 7^6
Lock join to ring.

Repeat from **


After 45 repeats, you're almost finished!

Now what?

It took me about a week to complete this round.  See how much my nail wraps have grown out since the beginning of the post?   :)
 From the final join to the doily, your stitch count will be:
Ch 7, join to FIRST very small picot.
(see left)

Ch 6.

Lock join to very small picot on the final ring (left)
Chain 6 (right)

Turn work over (left)
R 2-2-2-2^2-2-2-2 (above)

Reverse work (above left)
Chain 6 (above right)
Join to first ring (below) as indicated.
Cool flat sycamore shuttle, purchased from Jane Eborall's Etsy shop.


  1. Your doily is so beautiful!!! :)

  2. Oh thank you, Sue! :) I'll finish it someday.

  3. Sue, I can't leave a comment on your blog. The window doesn't open. :?

    So, my recommendation from the Lizbeth thread that would be mauve to me is Antique Violet Medium, #640. Maybe you'll see it here. I hope.