Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Renulek Summer Napkin 2014: Round 8 DRAFT WITHOUT PICTURES

We had family reunion this past week, and I am trying to catch up on my blogging now!  Wow, it was fun, and we got to keep my niece and nephew who live out of state for an extra week.  Bonus!

This entry provides step-by-step instruction for Renulek's 2014 Summer doily.  You will notice I have added a bead to each ray that is not in her pattern.

NOTES:  (Please review all instructions for round before beginning.)

For Round 8 you can use a single shuttle and ball thread if tatting in a single color if you like.  I used two shuttles because I am using two colors--and I prefer two shuttles.  I like the weight of the second shuttle hanging from the back of my hand.  It creates additional tension.

If you wish to use beads, you will need seed beads as pictured at right.  You can easily follow these instructions without using beads.

Instruction key:
The - represents a decorative picot, and the ^ represents a very small joining picot.  If you blow up the picture, you will be able to see the difference in picot sizes.  If you see +, that will mean joining picot.

I am left handed, so keep in mind that your pattern may be traveling the opposite direction around the doily.  On close up photos for technique, you will need to flip-flop them mentally and envision the mirror image if you are right handed.

I'll begin with stitch count for the round so that if you don't need the pictures, you can get moving without further ado!

R 8+ (join to front of doily) 8  RW
** Ch 8 RW
R 4-4^4-4  (if you wish to add a bead, make sure these decorative picots are a good size)  RW
Ch 8 (if using beads, add it with a 0.4 mm hook here to picot from ring, then join to this chain--see pics below) medium decorative picot, ch 8
Lock join to small picot on ring
Ch 8 RW
R 8+ (join to same doily picot as the first ring of the round) 8
R 8+ (join to next doily picot) 8 RW

Repeat from ** around doily.

Pictorial instructions:

Set doily aside.  Begin by creating a ring, 8 double stitches.  With right side of doily facing, join to previous round at any picot.  Finish ring, 8 double stitches, close ring.

Reverse work.  Add second thread if you are not using CTW (continuous thread winding or ball and shuttle).

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