Saturday, March 1, 2014

Birthday gift

Quite impressed with my creative success, I keep looking at the photo of the pendant/necklace I made for my sister's birthday.  Shipped it off today and fingers crossed she receives it by Thursday.

This is the same cross from a couple of posts ago with jump rings and neck cord and crystal attached for weight at the bottom.  I haven't worked with the findings before, and I am ever so pleased with the result.  Hence I keep pulling up the picture to preen a bit and pat myself on the back once more.

Here's the picture posted previously before I added the jewelry findings:

I initially made this pattern without the beads, and what I noted is that the beads gave the shape more definition, almost creating a border and guiding the eye in viewing the piece.

I have thought entirely too much about this dollar coin-sized scrap of pretty, so until next time!

I have taken a short lace hiatus--attempted some clunies and very disappointed with the results.  Hope to have SOMETHING completed soon to add to my 25 motif challenge count.


  1. Good design! Your pattern looks really beautiful.

  2. That is a lovely pendant, you should be proud of it.

  3. Thank you, Gwen! My sister loves it, so payoff is double!