Thursday, July 28, 2016

Motifs #25 through 29

More catching up to do!

I made this pendant for my sister's birthday back in April, my design adapted from a sample in the American Civil War Museum, with glass beads in honey and Lizbeth size 40 thread in Coral Splash and Sunkist Coral.

You may remember my trip last summer and the collar, which I have on an old blog post --->

I started work on my own collar but still not complete! Always stopping to make presents.

Below, set of coasters, Blossom Medallions in DMC size 8 perle cotton, pattern courtesy of Gloria Nelson this spring.


  1. Your work is lovely to see and perfect to look at wonderful, I love historical tatting and viewing it too!

  2. Thanks! I am captivated by that old collar and the story of smuggling it across enemy lines to sell it to help support the cause.

  3. Great pendant!! :)
    Fabulous set of coasters!!! :)