Friday, January 29, 2016

UFOs tatting only

We all have them, Unfinished Objects.  WIPs- work in progress.  PIGs- project in grocery sack.

My tatting objects:
Starting top left:  Ribbon Christmas tree by Jane Eborall, little black thing is the first bit
of a Celtic doily by Totus Mel that I decided I had to use needles for because I was going
to lose my mind trying to work it with shuttles, Renulek 2015 doily, purple Hearts and Flowers
cross  (Julie Patterson) just needs a tassel, blue cross needs only one ray, Amusement Doily
 almost finished (pattern by Celtess), Star Doily from Workbasket only needs 4 more rows to
 finish last point, then a super easy border,and of course Jane's tat along is the light blue bit up
 there by the cat shuttle.  Ecru doily with yellow rings around the border is from
Doily #13.

Jan Stawasz' giant doily in Polish magazine from 2008.  Just touching it today
made me want to get back to this project.  It is so beautiful!


  1. What a fun trip down memory lane, and love the ecru JS you have gotten far with it and looks real nice too

  2. What a good idea, to bring out all your UFOs and take a picture of them for us to see! I wonder if I'm brave enough to do the same - I'm sure it would be good for me... :-P

  3. Your post makes me wonder how many UFOs I have on hand. I'm afraid to look! The Jan Stawasz doily certainly is a beauty!

  4. Lots of fabulous tatted projects!!!! :)

  5. Thank you all! I don't mind the UFOs. I'm working on them a bite at a time.

  6. Lovely pieces of tatting. Nice to see I am not the only one with many UFO's. Do you happen to know which Workbasket the Star Doily if from? Would like to tat one. Thanks.