Thursday, February 6, 2014

Motifs 2 through 7

These lovely little earrings are an adaptation of Ruth's heart pattern made in Red Burst size 80 Lizbeth.  This ball was very very frustrating as it broke repeatedly and had little flaws/nubs on it.  I have had no trouble with any .other ball of thread from Handy Hands, but this ball drove me to distraction!  Gorgeous color!

I made the larger set by adding double stitches to the rings with no other changes to them.  I love tatted earrings.  They are lightweight and so fluttery, moving with any slight adjustment of position or the tiniest breeze.  

Made this last year but only just sewed in the ends and stiffened it.  Made in Vineyard Harvest in size 80.  What a lovely seahorse pattern by Debbie Arnold.  A gift for my sister in law.

Below, this lovely little dainty is Celtic Cross by Lindsay Rogers in Tatting Collage.  I added beads for definition and sparkle.  Planning to send to my sister for her Irish/March birthday.  This is Christmas Green Mix size 80 in Lizbeth thread. I enlarged the picture so the beads would show up better, consequently losing definition.  The actual size is about the size of a US dollar coin.

I am counting this as two motifs:  A rose motif and pearl tatting.  I saw the pearl tatting in an old book by Mlle Riego but couldn't figure it out until I looked up a tutorial from Mark the Tat Man.  Have since attached to a larger motif as part of a bookmark.  I think this is medium sage size 40 Lizbeth and size 8 perle cotton, Finca brand, which is a dream to work with.  Gorgeous color and weight/body, but still has give as a perle cotton should.  Preferred to DMC of the same size.


  1. Oh my goodness! Those hearts are so small they look like you made them with a microscope and spider web!
    I love the tatted earrings also. I do find that you need a closed clip of some sort, though. They are too easy to loose since they weigh so little.

  2. Wonderful pieces!!! And the pin from the previous post looks fabulous too!!! :)

  3. Stringy, I had to get new reading glasses after using the 80 thread so much. :(

    Thanks, both of you, for visiting me!