Saturday, January 11, 2014

Finished off 2013 25 Motif challenge

I neglected my poor blog and didn't get it updated to show off my last motifs of the year.  I did finish the challenge with many Christmas ornaments and a special gift.

This is the Gladys Angel from the Palmetto Tatters 2012 collection.  It is so beautiful.  Thank you so much for this beautiful piece, Sharren Morgan!  I paid a bit for the collection, but I feel it was worth it to create this special gift for my sister in law's Christmas gift.  In addition, the fee for the pattern supports the lace guild, definitely a worthy cause.  I have also made arrangements to create a second copy of this angel for Brenda Novak's annual diabetes auction, very exciting!

Pictured below, I made 3 of Dale Pomeroy's 2011 snowflake, pattern bought in person from him at a class; 10 of Anne Brunvold's single shuttle split ring Angel with blending filament and beads added to the halo picots; and one of Vida's ornament.  The yellow/gold 5 point star version of Dale's snowflake is made in Honey Drizzle, size 40, Lizbeth thread with a solid blending filament you can sort of see trailing off the edge of the picture (taken of course before the ends were sewn in--lazy!)

From Dale Pomeroy's 2011 Christmas ornament pattern.  

Left, SSSR angel by Anne Bruvold.  Pattern as above, Dale Pomeroy/The Mad Tatter.

Vida Sunderman's Large Crystal Snowflake, Dover Needlework publication.  Gift for coworker.

I consider myself super lucky as I sold my first pieces of tatting this season to a lovely lady at the kids' orthodontist office.  I hope this trend will continue in the new year and pay for my hobbies a bit!

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