Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Motifs 6, 7, and 8

This delicate little heart is from Birgit Phelps' blog. Gorgeous. I was a bit disappointed as it turned out a bit lopsided, and it wasn't until I did another one a week later--and several more motifs under my belt--that I realized my mistake. As I went around to finish the heart, I acquired an extra ring instead of linking up the chains to the first ring I made. Ah well, c'est la vie.
The lavender one is Lizbeth Country Grape Light in size 40, and the cream one is in DMC Perle Cotton size 8.
The next motif is another from Jon Yusoff's blog. Heart o' Daisies has a lot of split rings in it. I practiced up, and I got pretty good at them before I started, but this was a real challenge. And though I had the technique for the flowers and rings down, the join of the first petal to the last was messy. Really messy. Thankfully, this is the point at which I found a local lace group, and Marie was kind enough to help me with the joins. Yay! Practice makes perfect, and I got plenty of practice with this design. And now Tuesdays are lace days. Coincidentally, that's my day off work.
This beauty is Chinese Coins, also from Jon's blog. It includes multiple split rings as well. Who knew you could get calluses from thread?


  1. All your tatted projects are looking really great!!! :)
    Hope you enjoy tatting!! :)

  2. I posted on my blog a picture of the necklace finished and modeled by my daughter for you. :)

  3. Thanks, Sue. I stopped and had a look. It's such a lovely piece and really flatters your daughter.